There is this great article about Leonardo’s procrastination.

I find I do this… I try to write something down while my thoughts are entertained with an idea, but then I abandon the idea and move on the next idea, never getting anything actually done. As the article states about Leo:

If Leonardo seemed endlessly distracted by his notebooks and experiments — instead of finishing the details of a painting he had already conceptualized — it was because he understood the fleeting quality of imagination: If you do not get an insight down on paper, and possibly develop it while your excitement lasts, then you are squandering the rarest and most unpredictable of your human capabilities, the very moments when one seems touched by the hand of God

But, I’ll get back to this idea soon. I wonder if anyone has done any work on procrastination– more than waiting– but the putting off of an activity. I’ll get around to discussing this soon…

“Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.”  ~Mark Twain