I have not been able to read the last two days. Life, unfortunately (sometimes), does not stop.I worked all day at my restuarant job on Friday and then Saturday I worked in the morning and took my mom out for mother’s day with my brother in the afternoon and then went to hang out with friends, and then Sunday was mother’s day proper.

So, rather than Book III, I want to briefly look at and write about Lacan. I want to grasp, as it were, the concept of Lacan’s triad: the imaginary, the symbolic, and the real. 

There is this great web-site dedicated entirely to Lacan (thanks Bryan). 

The triad is explained by Zizek using the metaphor of a game of chess. The rules one has to follow are the Symbolic. I think of this as the rules of “polite” society. There are certain unwritten rules (unconscious rules) we all follow. Furthermore, these rules are always with us whether we actively acknowledge them or not–and for the most part– we can’t acknowledge them or we wouldn’t be able to function. 

For instance, to continue on Zizek’s example, whenever I engage in a conversation with someone, there are grammatical rules we follow in order to have a conversation. But that is only part of what is going on in this symbolic level as Zizek explains:

There are rules (and meanings) that I follow blindly, out of custom, but of which, upon reflection, I can become at least partially aware (such as common grammatical rules), and there are rules that I follow, meanings that haunt me, unbeknownst to me (such as unconscious prohibitions). Then there are rules and meanings I am aware of, but have to act on the outside as if I am not aware of them – dirty or obscene innuendos which one passes over in silence in order to maintain the proper appearances.

The first rules are simple enough to comprehend. I think of these rules sometimes after a long day of working at the grammar lab. There are moments when I pause while talking to think to myself whether to use “who” or “whom”, or I’ll be talking and won’t be sure if I need to say him and I or he and me. etc… When I become too aware of these rules it halts my speech act. 

The second one: the meanings that haunt me (unconscious prohibitions), I have a little more problems with. Aren’t we pretty aware of prohibitions? 

I have to come back to this because I want to do more research and try to read more about this, and also because I was on a phone call and am now too tired to think about this stuff– also, I figure, this is my fragments, and since no one is really reading this– I can deal with leaving these thoughts lingering…

But if there are any readers, the video below is from the web-site mentioned earlier (http://www.lacan.com//covers.htm):