I realize now that I really need to get back into a classroom and have a smart teacher telling me to do things and explaining things to me because, otherwise, I am a big slacker.

Ok, so not completely. I started reading Chuck Palahniuk’s new book: Pygmy. So far it is interesting.

An unnamed narrator, “Pygmy” as his fat, capitalist, American townies that surround him call him, is a trained killer (terrorist) from some unnamed Freedom hating country.

So far Palahniuk is touching on all his old subjects and themes: identity, the pitfalls of American capitalism, identity, consumer society, etc…

He has also written a pretty brutal rape scene in which Pyrmy makes the local townie bully his bitch, and there was also a scene in which one of the other trained terrosit (Magda) bit off a priest throat while she was being baptized.

Ya… crazy shit. I’ll write more about the book as I finish it and digest it. And then… and then it will be back to Book IV.