This is just to remind myself to look at my notes on waiting. I have a thought about the connection of waiting and heartbreak (and maybe even a relationship between waiting and falling in love; i.e. waiting to fall in love?).

If waiting is what happens to time when the door jams, then waiting when heartbroken is like the door falling on top of you and now you got to wait for help because you are stuck. There is also a correlation between the idea of objects in waiting (all things must perish), and how these objects become weird, obscure in waiting– life becomes like this when you are heartbroken.

There are studies of how the brain reacts when it is “in love” but are there any studies that explore brain chemistry when one is heartbroken?

How does literature address/confront heartbreak? (Bukowski writes about this. Also, chapter in Demian by Herman Hesse). Where else? How else?