Today has been an awful day. It is one of those days that I wonder what it is I am doing here, why I am here, and will I make it much longer. The day started off in bleak, non-stop rain. The rain was coming down so bad on the highway that I had a hard time seeing more than about ten feet in front of me, which made for a slow drive.

The traffic wasn’t awful, but there was no way to go more than 40mph because of the heavy rain. Once I got to campus, it was easy enough to find parking (now that I found a spot that it seems most people don’t want to walk from), but the rain rain rain… I reached my office with the bottom of pants wet and my feet soaking. I was able to print up most everything that I wanted to print up, and I made it to my classes with plenty of time.

After class, my feet were so cold and wet that I decided to go to the mall down the street and buy some new socks and shoes, so that my feet could be warm and dry. Afterwards, I went to a little deli right by campus and had a nice, hearty baked potato and a salad. It was nice to relax for a minute. But I digress…

The students are like all freshmen students: quiet, shy, elusive of talking, young, and mostly disinterested in a class forced upon them. And I always feel like I am doing a really bad impersonation of a teacher, I feel like I haven’t found my rhythm yet, and I feel it is going to be hard to find that rhythm when I have so much to do myself as a student. I think I have some good ideas for the next two classes, but I even feel (a little) like I am not really sure what the point of the projects are. The way I see it, these projects are supposed to prepare them for college, to be thinkers, to be better citizens, so that is what I plan on teaching the class. I just got to stay focused and keep in mind the project objectives, which is sometimes hard when juggling so many things.

I have been slacking on the blog, on reading, on classes, all around, really. I have to get my shit in gear. I blame the adjusting, the money situation, and my recent cold. Now that school is starting, I’ll be able to settle into a routine and get things together. Hopefully, later, I can write a little about the poems I read for Thursday’s class.