School is getting hectic. I want to try to get ahead, so that later I don’t constantly have to be catching up. With a conference in October, and much of the big stuff due in November, and with sooo much reading and annotating and all that stuff I got to do, I really need to get moving.

Today, I had the class present the articles for the annotated bibliography. Some of the groups went better than other, which might just be because some of the essays were easier than others.

I got to brainstorm some ways to make the group project better. I think that next time, each group with bring me a tentative outline, so that I can make sure they are all on teh right track. Also, next time, each group will have to give a powerpoint and will have to bring a handout. This way I can assure that each group is hitting what they need to in these presentations.

I am just playing catch up now, though; I still got to grade some stuff, and I totally forgot to make copies of my peer review sheet. Maybe I can use that overhead projector thing-y in the classrooms.