Thursday’s class was a library day. I think this helped students get familiar with the library databases, and it got them on the road to finding sources for their essays.

What got me about the session was how hot, Lily, the librarian running it was. Is this completely inappropriate? I’m just saying… really cute girl.

Next class I have conferences. I already talked to a couple of students who seemed to take my advice seriously and seem to be well on their way to writing their papers. Class on Thursday will consist of paragraphs as sandwhiches. It is this method that one of the mentors demonstrated for us in the pedagogy class, and I think it will help the students think about how to write essays properly.

I plan to also have them read a tiny excerpt from Sherman Alexie about paragraphs and writing, and then I am going to teach them “desperation writing” (another activity I learned in pedagogy class. We are going to look at an essay written in desperation, pull out the good ideas, and form a thesis.

If there is any time left over, I am going to show them Taylor Mali’s “The Impotence of Proofreading” — to get them thinking about really taking the time to check over their papers. I am off to write about Modernism, so new post to come by the end of the day!

Here is the Mali piece.