I am thinking of exploring Henry Wordsworth Longefellow’s, as well as America’s, failure to the call to ethics in treating Indians. I have been reading Emmanuel Levinas and Derrida all weekend trying to come up with a more specific thesis. This is all just hard to get in to because it isn’t my exact area of interest, which is why I am trying to work in as much theory as possible.

I am also half way done with Billy Bud. Reading Billy Bud, I realize why I am not into the “classics.” The classics are, for me–in my opinion, mostly boring, and they are mostly boring for their dated, archaic language. At least, that is my initial reaction, which I think stems from not having read many classics. What the classics are really good at are plot. I guess I should give the plot more credit and read the books. It is just slow going sometimes because I have to slow down my reading to capture what a sentence is saying using all these old words I never read anymore.

I don’t know; I think a part of me is writing here just so I don’t have to do the readings I have to.