Class on Tuesday, Oct. 19 (my birthday) went fine. I collected all the rough drafts and then shuffled all the papers and randomly put groups of three together for peer reviews.

I have been sick since I got back from my conference, so I am glad that I didn’t have much actual teaching to do today.

Thursday will be conference day, and I got to come up with what I will be doing for the google generation project. I guess more reading in class and analyzing paragraphs and writing; from the responses I have gotten in the mid-semester survey, this seems to be something the students like. Of course, half of the class really likes something the other class hates. You can’t win.

I am almost done with my bibliographic essay. Last night as I was proofreading, I thought to myself that maybe I should get a source to two more if possible, and just like that, I come across this amazing site that has EVERYTHING I could have used about 6 weeks ago when I stared this project.

Now I am in my office, and I will finish this essay and start on the essay for Hiawatha next class. I just don’t have the energy anymore, so I just want to get done.