i am back…And from now on i am going to try to write the ‘i’ in the lowercase because of this article

Last semester was a little rough as i was taking classes i wasn’t crazy about, but this semester looks solid. It looks like there will be many pages to read (a lot of theory pages, too, which take longer to read). i am excited though and anxious and can’t wait.

Winter break was long. I spent the first half of my break reading Paul Auster and Roland Barthes, and it was productive. On Dec. 22nd, though, i suddenly got a pain in my stomach that radiated to my sides and even my chest. It was a horrible gas pain that got worse. Bent over in agony and barely able to walk, i went to urgent care, where they thought it might be a heart attack.

i intensely work out three to four days a week, i eat healthy, i take care of myself, i don’t smoke (not regularly), i rarely drink, so i knew it couldn’t be a heart attack. And i was right. It turned out to be gallstones. i spent the second half of my vacation in surgery and then recovering and in pain. i am still not 100 percent, which has me a little worried about the beginning of this upcoming, demanding semester. i feel fatigued for a good part of the day, but that might be from quitting coffee. i am drinking tea more, but it is not the same. i find it hard to concentrate at times.

i will have more time now in that i can’t work out for three months. Going for walks does not take up as much time as going for runs and stretching and having to cool down before taking a shower; and this will, hopefully, give me more time to read and study.

Well, here goes nothing!