My name is Jose. I started this site to keep me writing after I finished my masters in English Lit. What I write here is just ramblings of a tired mind. That is why I called it fragments. I never do have the energy to finish a though, and as you can see, my thoughts tend to go on and on. I welcome all thoughts that correct any errors, or any comments that want to engage in a lively discussion.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Mao Jing Says:

    Hi, I am writing a paper on Mrs. Dalloway. I happened to see your notes on To the Lighthouse and shared your view about Woolf’s phenomenoligical way of seeing things. I want to know if there are proofs of her exposure to Husserl’s or Heidegger’s works?
    My appreciations.

    1. apapapa52 Says:

      I haven’t done any formal research into the matter, so I am afraid I can not answer your question. They were writing at around the same time, so I wonder if Woolf would know anything of Husserl? I would be highly interested in what you find though, and would love for you to come back and leave a comment on your findings. Best of luck in your search!

      1. Mao Jing Says:

        As I am an English teacher in Guangzhou, China, my research resources of English literature are very limited. I found this in Proquest: “Witness to Consciousness: Virginia Woolf and Phenomenology”,which may provide an answer. But I don’t have access to Proquest. I wonder if you have an account. If so, will it be possible that you might send me a copy of this dissertation by email? Many thanks.

  2. apapapa52 Says:

    I found the document. My e-mail is in my profile, so let me know what yours is and I’ll send it over.

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